Posted by: snapventure01 | November 25, 2008

Project “Nine”

22 November was my first day class.. I woke up early so that I can beat the time. Luckily I arrived in the location 45minutes earlier than the schedule of class. The unlucky thing happened was I went to a wrong place, the class would be held not in Fort Santiago. All the same, I still arrived at the right place earlier. I chose seat in front because I know it will be hard for me to read lectures behind. I was amazed with the number of the participants. We’re so many in the class, the first reason I have in mind is because the fee for next year will increase by 500 pesos. Other reason I only found out from a classmate that it was bundled when you buy the 450D and 1000D Canon package..Wow! Nice, that’s why I really felt I should buy the 1000D. But, the budget was realigned and been used for other purpose. Anyways, it was still my final decision to shell out 3,000 pesos to enroll myself in a photography class.

That day, a doom for a member of a doomed class! The rain started pouring the city in the morning, about 1000H and continued to gloom the day. I think I was jinxed not to see a good sunrise and sunset. I must always think to rain hard, maybe it will happen reversibly. How I wish!


We were told to practice panning..I used my hands.

ballpen-20081125 canon-20081125

My only companions, my notes, pen and my old camera.




My classmates while on discussions, hands-on, and asking assistance from the instructor.  I was the one shooting the mirror.


Cameras from my left and right, and even behind are all brand new.


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