Posted by: snapventure01 | December 23, 2008

Project “Thirteen”

After my BPC, my groupmates were planning to go to Roxas Blvd. and capture the sunset.  It would be a great sunset since that day/night was its full moon.   We attended first the Photographer’s Club since according to an instructor, they would be showcasing their shots with the theme “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit”.  We ended up to go on our separate ways since we all have different walks to attend to.  I decided to go to MOA and for that day to witness the sunset in that area.  I was excited because, it would be my first time that I could catch the time, the sky was still clear, meaning it’s early and I would just wait there.  As I heeded, Oh my… the place was so crowded with many people..some were waiting for a grand parade I heard, some were busy shopping and many were walkng in group that I could not make my steps as fast as I want it to be.  Wheww!  The short story, I was not able to be on time.  I got see the sun but I was not in the good location still to take its magnificent beauty.  What I’ve got then was only the remains of its color.  Not so bad..still I captured part of its beauty.



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