Posted by: snapventure01 | December 23, 2008

Project “Twelve”

The area which is now occupied by Fort Santiago is a natural defensive position that has been used for centuries. Situated at the mouth of the Pasig River, which runs into Manila Bay it is the ideal place to put fortifications to ensure the safety of the area and to defend against the pirates and marauders which frequented the area.

Originally the site of Rajah Sulayman’s settlement prior to Spanish occupation and rule. The Spanish defeated the Muslim-Filipino leader, Rajah Sulayman in the 1500’s. He was the last ruler, of the now Metro Manila area, before the Spanish took control.

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This place also is the venue for us, aspiring photographers.  Below are my shots taken on my 4th day in BPC at FPPF, while waiting for the time and class to start.
















  1. hi mayee!

    gaganda naman ng mga pics mo dito!
    post ka pa ng madami – looking forward to more!

    kitakits naman tayo one of these days..

    happy new year to you!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! oo ba kitakits..ako bahala sa photo shoots, hehehe.

  3. Nice composition mayee, especially the last one. It looks like an eye… more pics please. hehehe. kita kits…

  4. i intended to post a comment to analyse, to critique, to review your recent photos but i ended up at a loss for words, because you have improved so much and i’m afraid any attempt of mine to scrutinize your work would be unworthy of your efforts.
    in short, speechless akesh!
    keep it up squadmate, i’m so proud, and you have undoubtedly been blessed by a great means to showcase your gifts.
    naks! naiiyak na ko…
    mwah. ingat lagi squadmate.

  5. thanks ma’am for visiting again my humble blog..actually i have so many backlogs..i am 7-post delayed..i am trying now to catch up.

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