Posted by: snapventure01 | February 7, 2009

Project “Fifteen”

21 December, the date of submission of our photo project for the final day of BPC. I was really in a rally to produce what would be my subject. I could not think hard. Well, I need to steal time to be out of office. While on ride, I didn’t have still a clear subject on my mind. I decided to go to MRT Guadalupe Station without destination on mind, though I purchased the card going to Cubao Station. I suddenly made up my mind to jump out in Santolan Station, just to walk and walk. I remembered one time when I went to AFPSLAI that on its way I noticed then some sidewalk vendors. Lucky me, at the foot of the stairs, there was a “manang” sitting on an empty paint can. I immediately approached and asked her if she could let me take some pictures on her. At first, she’s hesitant but then she gave her polite nod. I thanked her very much and promised that I will give some amount in exchange.

I left and went back to office. Uploaded and picked some best photos. Mission Accomplished!





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