Posted by: snapventure01 | February 7, 2009

Project “Fourteen”

I was deciding to go out earlier from office to take a photo walk. I really want to capture a good sunset. At the same time, I will claim my returned Kata bag at Island Photos.

Good to see the sky clear and starting to paint an orange color as it proclaims that the sun is about to set. I bought food and drinks so that I could eat while taking my trip to Roxas Boulevard. An old woman with her grandson approached me when I was about to cross Ayala Avenue. I didn’t know what their intention, were they true on their story or they were the same fooling people in the streets. Well, just to avoid giving out money I volunteered to buy them some food since they told me they still didn’t have lunch. I even gave them enough money for bus fare. It’s up to them if they fooled me or not, at least with my capability, I was able to help them.

Though they somewhat broke my plans because I again didn’t able to be on time to capture the sunset, I just thought of the true mission of God. Giving is far more beautiful than the sunset.

These were the only photos I got.






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