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Project “Eighteen”

13 May 1922, the birth of my Grandma. She is old but still strong and have lots of sense of humor. One time I asked her, who were among her siblings who have indebted of her? Lol, all her sons and daughters have respective amount due to her. I teased her that I could demand their payment just like in “Money War” and that could be an enough inheritance, lol. I found out that she has still the records and maintaining it…she still has plan to pull payment from them..

Here is my lola, while she’s making story with her oldest daughter, that’s my mother.





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Project “Seventeen”

Children’s propensity when you leave them is to explore what they could see around. Their best way is to play, touch, and even taste things. (the same way you did when you were the one then,hehe). Look Steven here, he was scratching the soil, hauling the garbage bin and throwing anything.

This way, they could learn things..give them freedom.








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Project “Sixteen”

“Sleeping Child”

I could not go out of house because the weather was not so good. I felt cold like when you stay in Baguio. I watched my nephew sleeping and got some pictures of him.






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Project “Fifteen”

21 December, the date of submission of our photo project for the final day of BPC. I was really in a rally to produce what would be my subject. I could not think hard. Well, I need to steal time to be out of office. While on ride, I didn’t have still a clear subject on my mind. I decided to go to MRT Guadalupe Station without destination on mind, though I purchased the card going to Cubao Station. I suddenly made up my mind to jump out in Santolan Station, just to walk and walk. I remembered one time when I went to AFPSLAI that on its way I noticed then some sidewalk vendors. Lucky me, at the foot of the stairs, there was a “manang” sitting on an empty paint can. I immediately approached and asked her if she could let me take some pictures on her. At first, she’s hesitant but then she gave her polite nod. I thanked her very much and promised that I will give some amount in exchange.

I left and went back to office. Uploaded and picked some best photos. Mission Accomplished!




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Project “Fourteen”

I was deciding to go out earlier from office to take a photo walk. I really want to capture a good sunset. At the same time, I will claim my returned Kata bag at Island Photos.

Good to see the sky clear and starting to paint an orange color as it proclaims that the sun is about to set. I bought food and drinks so that I could eat while taking my trip to Roxas Boulevard. An old woman with her grandson approached me when I was about to cross Ayala Avenue. I didn’t know what their intention, were they true on their story or they were the same fooling people in the streets. Well, just to avoid giving out money I volunteered to buy them some food since they told me they still didn’t have lunch. I even gave them enough money for bus fare. It’s up to them if they fooled me or not, at least with my capability, I was able to help them.

Though they somewhat broke my plans because I again didn’t able to be on time to capture the sunset, I just thought of the true mission of God. Giving is far more beautiful than the sunset.

These were the only photos I got.





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Project “Thirteen”

After my BPC, my groupmates were planning to go to Roxas Blvd. and capture the sunset.  It would be a great sunset since that day/night was its full moon.   We attended first the Photographer’s Club since according to an instructor, they would be showcasing their shots with the theme “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit”.  We ended up to go on our separate ways since we all have different walks to attend to.  I decided to go to MOA and for that day to witness the sunset in that area.  I was excited because, it would be my first time that I could catch the time, the sky was still clear, meaning it’s early and I would just wait there.  As I heeded, Oh my… the place was so crowded with many people..some were waiting for a grand parade I heard, some were busy shopping and many were walkng in group that I could not make my steps as fast as I want it to be.  Wheww!  The short story, I was not able to be on time.  I got see the sun but I was not in the good location still to take its magnificent beauty.  What I’ve got then was only the remains of its color.  Not so bad..still I captured part of its beauty.


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Project “Twelve”

The area which is now occupied by Fort Santiago is a natural defensive position that has been used for centuries. Situated at the mouth of the Pasig River, which runs into Manila Bay it is the ideal place to put fortifications to ensure the safety of the area and to defend against the pirates and marauders which frequented the area.

Originally the site of Rajah Sulayman’s settlement prior to Spanish occupation and rule. The Spanish defeated the Muslim-Filipino leader, Rajah Sulayman in the 1500’s. He was the last ruler, of the now Metro Manila area, before the Spanish took control.

write up from:

This place also is the venue for us, aspiring photographers.  Below are my shots taken on my 4th day in BPC at FPPF, while waiting for the time and class to start.














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Project “Eleven”

I am bit late for my Project 11.  It was yesterday that one noticed the fall of narra leaves and the tree remains with its branches and twigs with some of its blossoms.  As if you could feel now that you are out of country experiencing an autum in European countries.  My shots were taken around 0800-0830 and 1800-1830.  The camera’s eyes captured the tree’s beauty.  And I could even seen and compare the photos as a tree in a snow inspired environment.  It’s so cool!



Taken between 0800 – 0830


 Taken at 0630, incomplete dark sky, without flash


Complete Dark Night, With Flash, Clouds passing-by


Complete Dark Night, Without Flash


Converted to Low Color/Dessaturated

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Project “Ten”


Our class (in FPPF) was given photo shoots assignment applying the lecture in composition.  We’re the Group 1 and we named our group as f22.  Unluckily, the half day of the class was consumed in critic session (not supposed to be?? quite wasting of time!!) that’s why we have only very short time clicking our cameras and complying with the requirements.. Nevertheless, we maximized our time left and ungenerous mode of the day.

Posted here are my shots and open for critics by my groupmates.. Go team f22!!!












Diagonal Lines


Diagonal Lines




Horizontal Lines






Combination of Diagonal and Horizontal Lines


Telling a Story


Vertical and Horizontal Lines

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Project “Nine”

22 November was my first day class.. I woke up early so that I can beat the time. Luckily I arrived in the location 45minutes earlier than the schedule of class. The unlucky thing happened was I went to a wrong place, the class would be held not in Fort Santiago. All the same, I still arrived at the right place earlier. I chose seat in front because I know it will be hard for me to read lectures behind. I was amazed with the number of the participants. We’re so many in the class, the first reason I have in mind is because the fee for next year will increase by 500 pesos. Other reason I only found out from a classmate that it was bundled when you buy the 450D and 1000D Canon package..Wow! Nice, that’s why I really felt I should buy the 1000D. But, the budget was realigned and been used for other purpose. Anyways, it was still my final decision to shell out 3,000 pesos to enroll myself in a photography class.

That day, a doom for a member of a doomed class! The rain started pouring the city in the morning, about 1000H and continued to gloom the day. I think I was jinxed not to see a good sunrise and sunset. I must always think to rain hard, maybe it will happen reversibly. How I wish!


We were told to practice panning..I used my hands.

ballpen-20081125 canon-20081125

My only companions, my notes, pen and my old camera.




My classmates while on discussions, hands-on, and asking assistance from the instructor.  I was the one shooting the mirror.


Cameras from my left and right, and even behind are all brand new.

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